What Is Baybayin Hub?

Baybayin Hub is a CoLiving and CoWorking shared space specifically designed for the rapidly growing online professionals; like remote workers, artists, freelancers, online entrepreneurs, and digital professionals also known as digital nomads.  

Baybayin Hub prides our team to be a lifestyle brand that promotes work and life balance, stay and work in an awesome environment. We are partnering with resorts, unique spaces and soon with hotels by converting their properties to CoWorking and CoLiving space.  Once you book with us and get your room,  guests can utilize resort amenities, WiFi access, majority of our partners give our guests access to their open kitchen, common areas to work and others invested to set-up CoWorking space exclusively for Baybayin Hub members only.  Majority of the resorts possess the right amenities to offer for medium and long term stay solutions for work-from-resort but since this is new to everyone we constantly guide our members and resort management from  time to time. When choosing your destination that will suit your needs kindly check the important essentials verified icons for your guidance.

Baybayin Hub is for people seeking to achieve work and life balance. We provide flexible and affordable accommodation solution in one of our unique destinations; from rustic to luxurious getaways.

Our Mission

Baybayin Hub aims to reinvent how people live, work, play & explore the Philippines. Connecting people and empowering the community.

What Makes Us Unique

Our intention is to create the dream lifestyle for our members and have an experience of a lifetime. To CoWork and CoLive with like-minded individuals. We are all about Intentional living, exchanging values, interests, and learn from each other.

Arts & Music

Baybayin Hub supports arts and music because we believe art is a national treasure. As we all know arts and music is a universal language that can gather people together regardless of their nationality and different cultural background.

Health & Wellness

One of our objectives at Baybayin Hub is to improve the quality of life by reconnecting to nature and encourage you to stay away from crowded cities. We invite our local fitness trainers and yoga instructors to help us improve our health. Enjoy the yoga at the beach or simply have your meditation during sunrise or sunset.

CoWorking & CoLiving Space Essentials

WiFi Access

CoWorking Space

Common Kitchen

You've made the decision to work and stay with Baybayin Hub. Let us help you find your destination that will suit your lifestyle.  Please check these "ESSENTIALS" icons in choosing your workation hub.

Stay - Work - Play - Explore

Your stay with Baybayin Hub won’t be complete if you don’t join our local adventure. Always check out our community board to choose the adventure that you like from surfing, water falls chasing, island hopping, fishing, local tours to name a few. Our amazing local guides will make it sure you experience the local way to experience the authenticity.










But Wait There Is More!

Be a member of our growing community and enjoy our exclusive unique opportunity offers from

5% to 80% discounts. Get a full access to sales and promotional events. Sounds awesome right? All you need to do is to sign up and book your stay!